Our approach

At perfectly boring, our expertise spans across, but is not limited to, Brand Identity & Strategy, Website Design, Creative & Art Direction, Packaging Design, and Illustration.
We don't have a fixed style. Our team takes time to understand project challenge, approaching it with care and create a custom solution that fits our clients perfectly.
From food brands to film studios, educational mobile apps to cosmetics, our diverse experiences bring a fresh approach to each project.

Brand Identity


We start by asking a series of insightful questions to get to know your brand better. We discuss your product, its benefits, values, your target audience, and your vision for the brand's future. This stage ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the project.

2. Market ANALYSIS

We analyze your competitors' appearance and communication to create a lasting and remarkable brand identity. Additionally, we explore market trends and clichés while closely examining your customers and how they interact with your product.

3. design approach

A presentation of one or two visual directions to display core design idea. We show references for each separate aspect of the brand (logo, colors and fonts). After you choose one or two directions, we’ll create design concepts based on them.

4. design Concepts

In this stage, we bring our vision to life by creating logotype, brand graphics, typography, and more. We then test this new style on the client's main communication channels to show how well it works.

5. Design guidelines

The presentation or webpage includes all the essential guides and templates for independent use of the brand identity.

Brand Strategy

1. Global trends

To ensure your brand remains relevant and competitive, we analyse worldwide patterns and changes that can impact your brand's positioning. It typically includes studying industry reports, cultural changes, economic shifts, and emerging consumer preferences.

2. Competition analysis

We study other brands operating in your industry to understand your competition and find market opportunities.

3. Audience research

We conduct in-depth interviews with representatives of your target audience to understand their purchasing behavior, decision-making process, concerns, habits, and needs regarding your product or service. This process helps create a customer profile that guides our development direction.

4. Brand strategy

As a result of all the previous research, we present the brand strategy, a comprehensive plan that outlines brand positioning and differentiation. This strategy includes elements such as vision, positioning, differentiation, mission, values, and benefits.

Website Design


First of all, we have an in-depth discussion about your products or services you provide. In this stage, we also define what problem your future website should solve.

2. CompetitorS ANALYSIS

We analyze your competitors to define industry trends and identify their strengths and weaknesses. We explore their websites to assess the content they use to communicate their value proposition to their audience.

3. design Concepts

We create one or two main pages which will define the look and feel of the whole website. In this stage, we decide on colors, typography and graphic elements.

4. Design Prototypes

After defining the visual direction, structure and content of your website, we create prototypes of all the pages it will have, including adaptations for mobile devices.

5. Design-to-Development Handoff

We add instructions and comments for the developers on how different parts of the website should work. Moreover, we’re always ready to communicate and collaborate with the developers to make sure your website implemented with attention to detail.