Vyshyvanka Day Festival

Vyshyvanka Day is an international holiday that aims to preserve Ukrainian folk traditions involving the creation and wearing of ethnic embroidered garments known as vyshyvankas.

For the Vyshyvanka Day Festival held in Croatia, which is organized by a Ukrainian diaspora, we developed a poster and graphic system.


Our creative process involved an in-depth exploration of Ukrainian national arts, seeking inspiration from a wide range of sources, including embroidered fabrics, towels, wall paintings, Ukrainian graphics from the 19th and 20th centuries, paper cutouts, naive art, and book illustrations.

Our focus eventually settled on the 'plakhta,' a component of the Ukrainian national costume. The plakhta consists of two pieces of fabric intricately woven in a design composed of squares, with a unique pattern within each square.

In essence, the plakhta features its own distinctive modular system, which we adopted as the basis for creating the main poster. We enriched it with diverse elements, all constructed according to the same principles and a cohesive logic.

Client: Ukrainian diaspora in Croatia
Design: Olya Dyatlova, Anastasiia Shcherban
Creative Direction: Anastasiia Shcherban