Makabi & Sons

Makabi & Sons, a Los Angeles-based craft bakery, creates escapist moments through its unique blend of native flavors and small-batch handmade products.

To elevate the brand’s visual identity and aesthetic appeal, we crafted mood boards inspired by the culture and time period associated with each flavor. These served as our guiding inspiration for an art-directed photoshoot. Finally, we developed a website that embodies the brand’s aesthetic and showcases the ethereal imagery from the photoshoot, capturing the essence of Makabi & Sons.

Art Direction
Website Design

Client: Makabi & Sons
Art Direction: Anastasiia Shcherban, Olya Dyatlova
Creative Direction: Anastasiia Shcherban
Website Design: Viktoriia Shponka
Product photography: Julia Vdovychenko, Vlad Klimenko