Emote is a barrier-breaking web application that helps companies monitor employees’ mental health. It detects when a person feels depressed or harassed so that they can be provided with support. The driving force behind this project was a need to create a safe space, where anyone can freely express their feelings without shame.

Our design is all about contrasts: fear of speaking the truth and the relief after that; fear of being ashamed, and then the joy of acceptance. You have to be sensitive enough to understand your own feelings, and courageous enough to speak up about how you feel.


The illustrations are the part that really makes us giddy. They are delicately drawn with gouache paint and then, digitally, lightly tweaked. We formed the final look of the illustrations with a combination of colorful landscapes and the figure of a small, endearing human.

Why landscapes? Emotions are like nature, unpredictable and messy. The landscape grows and warps around the character, representing the feelings he has at the moment. We borrowed this evocative technique from expressionism.

Client: Emote App
Design and Illustration: Olya Dyatlova
Creative Direction and Art Direction: Anastasiia Shcherban